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Today is 22 February
we celebrate name day of

Marta, Małgorzata, Piotr

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A dilemma that tourists often have when they are planning a trip to a new country is to decide whether to do it on their own or use a travel bureau package tour all planned, booked and with a guide. To make your choice you must first of all take into consideration a few factors. Firstly are your feelings, and this depends on the kind of traveler you are. Secondly, do you want to spend time on preparation and do it on your own or would you prefer a ready made offer and no hassles just pay more and go. These decisions can only be made by you, you know yourself better, your attitude, your comfort, if it's to be a relaxed trip, for the fun of it, how lazy you are and last but not least how much money you have. A factor which is very important is the country you are planning to visit safe and can you explore it by yourself? Is traveling and booking secure, possible and easy to do?

Regarding Poland, the answer is simple. Poland is a country that with little extra effort can be visited individually. The answers to questions as to where to go, prices, what to see, etc., you will find here. You really have come to the right place. Browsing our website you will obtain the answers to your questions about traveling to Poland. Using our online booking system you will find and book your place to rest at the end of the day.

Coming on your own is simple, not expensive and a comfortable way to explore Poland. High competition among airlines has made our country an inexpensive destination to be reached from many capitals and large cities in Europe and Britain. After joining the EU border road crossings are now much easier to pass through. There are no longer long queues at the borders and Custom clearance is fast. At the beginning of 2008 borders will be removed completely as we will most likely be a part of the Schengen Treaty agreement. There is a difference on the eastern border with the Ukraine and Belarus. It is the EU eastern frontier now and unfortunately the way the Polish and Ukrainian Customs act cannot be compared to how they behave on the western frontiers. We hope this will improve as we draw closer to the Polish Ukrainian 2012 European Football Championships. At the present we have to warn you that crossing this frontier can be lengthy and sometimes not very pleasant.

Traveling between the main cities in Poland is as easy as in Italy, Spain or France. Good train and bus connections as well as internal flights make access to major towns possible and travel trouble-free. Another advantage is the relatively low prices of services (compared to Western EU countries).

You can easily find accommodation in Poland through our website. You can also do it when you arrive but always remember to book in advance and this is very important to do in the peak season. There are many reasonably priced hotels in Poland with high standards but too little of them when demand is high. We would like to invite you to choose us as your booking agent. We are a part of the largest Polish system of online booking which is also used by major companies and travel offices. This is a guarantee that our readers will get the best possible prices on the market. Look for extra offers and special deals and save your money for more fun and enjoyment when you come to Poland!

Something you might like to know is that knowledge of the English language is increasing in Poland every year. There is a lot to be done yet but you can be sure that you will find many young people around you to help with translations. They will help you to buy a ticket, to read a time table, or tell you when to get off the bus or train. Many people seeing you are a tourist and are looking lost will just help you. It's not only because they want to practice their English on you but often it will be an example of that well known Polish hospitality you will come across as you explore Poland.

The last thing to decide is when and where to go? Browse our website, have a look at the information or have a read of the printed editions of The Visitor. Based on the information and facts presented in our electronic and edited guides you will be able to make a proper decision. We can assure though that you can explore Poland all year round and every day you will find some interesting and amazing places. And the length of time of time you spend in Poland? A weekend, a week, a month? That's for you to decide!

Welcome to Poland with the Visitor!

Last update May 2009