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Today is 28 February
we celebrate name day of

Makary, Prokop, Hilary

Sunrise: 6:27
Sunset: 17:11

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Tourists can be put into two groups. The first, those who cannot think about a trip without a travel agent organizing it. The second those who take on the challenge of going on their own and love all the unexpected adventures that occur when visiting remote places and getting to know new cultures and people.

Our task is to convince you to come to Poland and consider doing it on your own. Arranging your stay from A to Z will give you a great feeling of satisfaction. I did it myself, my way!
Browse our website and go through all the sections step by step. Get the information on how to do it, how to avoid problems, get familiar with the rules and lifestyles to get to know our country a little bit before you arrive.

We are sure that the information we provide is indispensable and it will help you have a trouble free time in Poland. We will try to make things go as smoothly as possible. But don't worry; take each day in your stride. Some holiday experiences are a challenge and make life interesting.

This section is devoted to transportation. Choose the particular means of transport you want to use and get more information about it to plan your trip. Choosing the right one will influence how much you will see during your stay, how quickly you will travel between cities and last but not least how much you will pay for all this.

So have a good trip!